Kaff Diamond, producing its products under the concept of “jewelry boutique”, draws attention with tailor-made and boutique products. Only 10% of the products appeals to the taste of the population in general, while the 90% is exclusive products produced in a limited number. Concept-based hand-made products produced in a limited number are the greatest characteristic that represents Kaff Diamond


Kaff Diamond, Legacy of a Deep-Rooted History
Kaff Diamond was established based on the experiences of Aydoğan Mücevherat, a jewelry shop actively serving since 1965. With Kaff Diamond, we brought 35 years of experience in traditional jewelry to a new era. We were enlightened by our knowledge and experience in bringing tradition to the future. We set sight on the best, embracing our deep experience in turning craft into value. 
Ahmet Aydoğan
Founding President

Kaff Diamond, a Signature of Belief in Future
Kaff Diamond is a legacy of a deep-rooted history. We created Kaff Diamond in 2000 to shape the tradition with the modern vision of the era. Our young brand that offered boutique jewelry service with tailor-made designs was shaped based on the solid foundations of long years of experience. With its strong and rooted structure, and young and dynamic vision, Kaff Diamond became one of the leader voices in the sector within a short period of time. I can say that, Kaff Diamond, together with its style and brand value, is the signature of belief in future. 
Oğuzhan Aydoğan
General Manager